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Convergence Multifamily Real Estate Group.


Convergence Rental Housing Real Estate Group is Denver’s foremost expert at finding prime value land and creating multifamily developments that unlock its full potential for investors, partners and the community. We have a proven track record and the ability to look at a tract of land, envision its potential and translate that vision into reality.

Acquisition Criteria

Asset investments across Denver metro & Colorado.

From acquisitions to full lease-ups, we manage every step from start to finish: market feasibility, project financing, development, construction, renovations, management. And our multi-decade experience with multifamily operations platforms ensures quality control for each asset.

Our Portfolio

10,000 units & $925M in value.

With over 30 years of experience, founder Lauren Brockman has earned a reputation of having the ability to deliver maximum profitability for investors and partners alike. His knack for connecting partners to land in emerging markets means there’s never a shortage of new business opportunities.

Our Experience

Multifamily connections that change the game.

Our strong, longstanding relationships bring the industry’s best real estate personnel together, saving time, money and resources. We’re connectors by nature, ready to run with any project that adds value to residents, neighborhoods and clients alike.

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